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Vine Beauty is a clean cosmetics line that has been recognized by the beauty industry with numerous awards. Our award-winning products have been featured by organizations testing for “Clean Beauty” and on many beauty blogs. Owner and Master colorist, Mandy Jordan created this product line with love and passion. 

We are incredibly thankful for the support we have received and strive to continue developing innovative and quality products. Stay up to date with all things Vine Beauty, visit our instagram @vinebeautyTX



Meet Mandy Jordan

Colorist and Creator of Vine Beauty

Meet Mandy Jordan, founder of Vine Beauty.  Mandy began her career in beauty as a makeup artist with her natural understanding of color. After working with color for 15 years as a salon owner, make-up artist and hair color specialist in Cedar Park, Texas, Mandy saw the need for clean makeup that is not only healthy for your skin and body, but also powerful enough to last all day. 


Working with chemists with the goal of wellness and clean living, Mandy developed a makeup line supercharged with antioxidant formulas that come from the nature. All of the ingredients in our products synergistically thrive together to protect skin from the sun and everyday environmental damage. They last all day, and don’t have any additives that may be toxic to your body or the earth. 

All our packaging can be recycled and our packaging for the Eyelights Eyeshadow is made from recycled materials.



CertClean Clean Beauty Awards

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What does “clean-beauty” mean to us?

A lot of companies claim to be “clean” but since the term “clean beauty” is not officially defined or regulated, different companies and organizations have different criteria for what constitutes a clean beauty product. At Vine Beauty, it’s important that all the ingredients we put in our makeup are either beneficial and non-toxic for your body and our planet. If it’s important to you to know what you are putting on or in your body, you can find the list of ingredients in each of our products on the SHOP page and click on the product box. 
We are honored to win three awards from CertClean, North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. You can read what the judges thought about the Vine Beauty products we submitted here 

Things we avoid... and why

• Silicones: Silicones are synthetic ingredients derived from silicon, a naturally occurring mineral compound, that are used in cosmetics for their conditioning and sensory properties. They are not biodegradable.  We use bio-degradable plant-based products instead.

• Lanolin Oil:  Lanolin oil is a secretion from sheep’s skin and thought to be responsible for wool allergies, so people who are allergic to wool may want to avoid it. All our ingredients are vegan, which means they do not contain ingredients that come from animals.​

• Gluten: If you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you can get “glutened” by kissing someone who has been eating, drinking, applying, or chewing something that contains gluten. 
• Sulfates: While there is no evidence that sulfates can cause illness or negatively impact your health in any way, research has shown that they can be harsh and can cause skin irritation.
• Phthalates: Phthalates can be endocrine disruptors. Several phthalates (DEHP, BBZP, DiBP and DNBP) cannot be used in the EU without authorization for specific uses
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