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From the Vine
to your Face

Vine Beauty is a Texas-based, clean cosmetic line built to withstand the Texas Environment providing unbeatableperformance, endurance, and protection. 

Powerful Ingredients

We combined powerful ingredients and minerals that create a whole new level of endurance and a lightweight feel. The perfect combo for makeup! It will not only last all day through climate barriers, but your skin will also start to adjust to the fruitful ingredients filled with antioxidants that help nourish the skin! Created with your skin in mind, our foundations are formulated with Cetyl Alcohol which is considered a "fatty alcohol". These types of alcohol are "good" because they can help penetrate other beneficial ingredients in our Foundation. Keep in mind, that it is normal to experience a small breakout when first using Vine Beauty products as they are designed to help clear your existing build-up and heal the skin. 

“Absolutely loved this product! It provided amazing soothing and plumping effects on my lips without the stinging that I experience from a lot of plumping lip treatments! I loved the minty scent as well. Loved that it was an easy doe-foot applicator, so it made it easy to apply. Perfect amount of moisture and hydration!”

- Sher Toro, an advocate for clean beauty, both in her blogging and in her makeup business

“This palette definitely reminds me of summer bronzy looks. I love that it does not crease after long wear use. The packaging of the palette makes it easy to take with you on the go. I would recommend this eyeshadow line. Can't wait to try the other available colors.”

- Arlene Bautista, a clean beauty journey for 7 years due to her chronic illness symptoms

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