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Custom Lip  Bar

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Our lipstick bar is where you can be your own artist by creating custom lipstick or lipgloss! Mandy loves being a master at mixing hair color from her clients and continues advising them on what hair color is best for their skin tone. Her first passion for color was in makeup artistry, and then quickly became a specialist in hair color. Mixing and creating colors is a passion for her, and we are excited for you to create your own masterpiece! She will assist you in choosing the right shade and tone for your skin and personal style! Make your own custom lipstick or lipgloss by choosing your color and adding lip skincare. Our lipstick and lipglosses are all-natural plant waxes from carnauba, candelilla, and shea butter. Our lipstick bases contain moisturizing oils and butters so you are already benefiting by creating your color without boosters. By adding our lip skincare boosters, you can achieve the ultimate care for your lips! 

How it works


Create your own color.
We will work with you to help pick a color that reflects your undertone, skin tone, level, and formulated perfectly for you!


Add lip skincare boosters


Select your finish Full body or tint


Choose your flavor

Menu of Lip
Skincare Boosters

Lip Plumper

Add Volume to your lips. All natural tri-peptides stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Anti-aging elixir helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and seals in moisture.


The antioxidant elixir that improves moisture.


Derived from nature, it protects lips from sun damage. 
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