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Makeup Bar

Vine Beauty is the ultimate destination for all your makeup needs. Our Cedar Park Makeup Bar offers appointments,
and event makeup services, and our skilled technicians specialize in custom-matching foundations to perfectly
match your skin tone.


Eyeshadow Bar

Customize your own eyeshadow pallet, in either 3 or 5-pan packaging. Choose from 72 different shades of eyeshadows. A beautiful array of color-rich eyeshadows in stunning finishes, from shivers and satins to soft metallics and mattes. 

  • pure pigment color, a little goes a long way

  • triple milled mineral based for lasting color

  • Vitamin E

  • Jojoba oil

Can't make it in? Shop our award-winning eye shadow now!


Lipstick Bar

The Lipstick/Lipgloss Bar: $45

  • Step 1 - Create your own custom color

  • Step 2 - Select your finish (full body or tint)

  • Step 3 - Add lip skincare boosters

  • Step 4 - Choose your flavor


Menu of lip skincare booster: $4

  • Lip plumper - Add volume to your lips. All natural tri-peptides stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Hydration - The antioxidant elixir that improves moisture.

  • Rejuvenation  - Anti-aging elixir helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and seals in moisture. 

  • Sunscreen - Derived from nature, it protects lips from sun damage.

Can't make it in? Shop our clean beauty finalist lipstick now!

PXL_20231110_195219980~2 (1).jpg

Award-Winning Products

Shop our award-winning products in store and online. 

From our Stimulip Lipgloss Treatment to our Eyeshadow Pallets, 

can be found on our online store. 

More selection in the salon! Head to our Shop and "Add to Cart" today!

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